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10 Time and Deadline Tips for the Digital Mind

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When stuff needs to get done, we do need the guidance of time and the motivation a deadline can bring otherwise there could chaos in our day to day living. The tips shared here becomes relevant when the reader understands that time is at our service and not the other way round. Of greater importance are those times when a deadline, if not met, could mean catastrophe as in the example of anti-missile systems alluded to later. This post is a bit lengthy so I encourage the reader to reserve some 10mins for this read.

Time for the Digital Mind

I have given myself a deadline. I must sleep and wake up in a time no later than 5hrs from the time my alarm was set. I woke up and found that the alarm is broken. However, my body clock kept its own time. Sleep was great and I woke up at “a right time” because I was not induced to wake up - a time just right not for me but or my body. This was my experience whenever I do not constrain my sleep for any reason. They are also the days sleep was best.

Here is the catch – time and deadline mean nothing to the digital mind if there is no fail-safe mechanism for every time or deadline bound routine we create. By digital mind here I mean the mind of the modern human that is ever increasing shaped by technology.

The following time and deadlines related quotes and cliches may tell us something about how we should be approaching out attitude to time.

1     “…There is time for everything…a time to be born and a time to die…” ~ Bible

I might also say here that there is a deadline for everything as well but humans frequently careless about deadlines if no value is attached. Invariably, the value a time or deadline has been the value we or a system  assigns to it. The ability to know when to or when not to act differentiates we mortals from the geniuses of this world. This fact is alluded to later in “Time and tide wait for no one” and “Deadlines when critical should be given the required Seriousness”. 

2      “Time and tide wait for No One”  ~ Unknown

is another saying that cannot be faulted in the context of our existence since the invention of the concept of time. This is very true if you are in a business where quick decision making is the key to success or losing money. Decisions delayed can be also costly or can mean opportunity missed as we can tell by the success story of Facebook.

Marck Zuckerberg Worth


For example, an attempt was made in 2005 to buy Facebook then known just as The CEO of MySpace, Chris DeWolf ditched the deal when Mark Zuckerberg asked for $75 Million which was considered too much.  By June 2015 which is just 10yrs down the road, Facebook is no longer for sale and was worth $245 Billion according to CNN money. Mark Zuckerberg was worth $41.5 Billion as of January 21, 2016, according to

Facebook's  market value is nearly $245 billion -- an amazing feat for a company that has only been around since 2004 and started trading on Wall Street in 2012.

CNN money

3    "Time is Money"

This is another cliché that is frequently in use by humans but for machines, time has a different concept as we may all know – it means when a program execution must start, continue, and terminate amongst other things. Timing is central to the correct functioning of operating systems and this has nothing to do with money in this sense.

If you are in business and all you care about in life is money, then “time is money” is true for you nothing once you are six foot under.

If, in prison, I am sure the concept of time will take an all new dimension; anything but money for sure unless in some extraordinary cases where a prison is no place but home.

Our time, I am sure, will have no meaning when mankind finds a home on another planet in the future. This is looking more and more likely to be the case with rapid advancement in technology. The digital mind ought always to see time in a broader light. So it makes sense to make money in time but do not turn every bit of your time into money making venture.

4     “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” ~ Steve Jobs.

So in this sense, time may mean self-discovery or reason for existence or happiness. It is a wise saying of time. However, it still remains that the human construct called time or deadline can be to our advantage or our disadvantage depending on the context it is applied.

For the digital mind, it is a call to balance. Get the results but also, balance out your effort with getting a life especially a life of your own.

5    Keep deadlines but ensure the lines are not Dead

In an attempt to ensure time discipline, employees, supervisors, managers, and other executives frequently go overboard.  If the time has to be dedicated for a purpose which is currently engaging the time, make it possible that when necessity comes knocking, there is an available channel open to distract you from the current engagement. “Necessity knows no rule” is always true otherwise the price for blocking out necessity itself can be grave.

6    When is it best to get something done

This is the time you had the chance to do it but said to the self, “hmm…..let me……I will do it …but….ok maybe later…” Best time to was the time you first thought of it and had the opportunity to do it.

he best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese Proverb

7    Watch the habits, they become an obsession in no Time

The danger of compulsive obsession with time and deadlines can turn time against you if caution is thrown to the wind. Repeated actions becomes habit. Obsession is the extreem.

8    Let fun be Fun

Once in a while, break the rules and feel the freedom to be like a child. Their happiness is boundless and will go on forever until they are made to behave like adults.

9    "Deadly deadlines mean deadly mistakes waiting to happen in Time

When the deadline cannot be stretched or has no room for contingencies, a lot of costly mistakes can be made. This is frequently the case when you are dealing with unrealistic deadlines that project manager insist must remain sacrosanct.  They can eventually turn out to be costly errors.   

10    Deadlines when "hard" should be given the required Seriousness

You don’t want to see what will happen next when the computer programmed to deploy the anti-missile system for an incoming nuclear bomb has a programming error that delays the launch for about 60 seconds. Or how you can lose a £30 million pound lottery because you do not know that there is a 30-day deadline for reporting lost ticket.

Final Thoughts

Time and deadlines are great as much as they serve our needs and don’t make us any less humans. There is always the danger of obsession which eventually makes our routine so mechanical that we are tempted to making ourselves work for time rather the other way round. We have to make time work for us rather than have it the other way round

Again to borrow from –Kevin Kruse’s thought, “Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being”.

For the digital mind, time ought to be enjoyed like the sound of a good music. If it is no fun it is not well spent even when it is hard work.

For further reading on the concept of time and Deadlines

Wikipedia Time Limit:

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