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What is New With Android N Developer Preview

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Introducing Android N Developer Preview

If anything about the soon to be released Android N, the Android N Developer Preview is to be said, it is that it guarantees a marked improvement in the overall android user experience. With the introduction the features like the multi-window mode amongst other great features, the long expected multi-tasking environment desired my many Android lovers has finally arrived for the Operating System (OS).

There is also there is also the quick reply messaging feature that means you don’t have to leave the notification area of your device in order to reply a message.

While the final release of Android N is not due till sometime October 2016 or thereabout, what to even call the expected to be version 7.0 of Android is yet to be known.

While we await the naming of Android N

Google is yet to announce the official name for the "N" version of Android as well. Many people have already started the guessing game for what the eventual name would be.

At the moment, N for Nutella seems to be the most popular guess since Android naming convention seems to take after popular food snacks.

Want to give Android-N a Try?

Android N Developer Preview is beta release is the next version of Android operating system following Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This version is a pre-release version for download targeted at software developers who want to test the OS for devleopmental purposes.

This release cannot be considered stable for regular use so if you don’t mind the crashes here and there and possible disruption in your workflow, you may want to consider giving it a try by enrolling for the beta program.

Also, note that it is currently not compatible with all Android devices. Supported devices include Nexus devices like: Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Pixel C, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player.

1.    Features You would love about Android N Developer Preview

Being a developer version of android, it is expected not all features currently available may make it to the final release version in the summer. Also, some features that may appear in the final version may not have been released with the current developer preview.

2.    All new Multi-window mode

Android-N-split-screenPerhaps one of the most exciting addition to Android N developer preview is the new multi-tasking feature that was left out of Android 6 Marshmallow but tested during the Android M Developer Preview. This feature guarantees that multitasking has finally arrived for AOS.

This is an opt-in feature for developers which can be activated using an attribute called “resizeableActivity”. Once done, split screen will be enabled for smoother user experience.

3.    android-n quick replyNotification Area Message Reply

Right from the notification area, you will no longer need to go to the message application in order to reply a message after seeing the notification.

4.    Enhanced Doze mode

The doze mode is one very smart way AOS uses to save your device energy. Once upon a time, it waits for your phone to be unused for a very long time before kicking in. With Android N, it now works much smart by coming into play once the screen goes off.


While this is the very early stages of the preview for Android N, a lot of exciting new features are already pointing to the better things to come for the N version Android.

All of the great features may not have been covered here but the Android N is still a work in progress


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